To say that I have a passion for art and design would be an understatement. I started entering art competitions in high school and won numerous awards, prizes, and scholarships. I worked my way through college as a graphic designer, achieving a Bachelor’s in Studio Art from CSULB as well as Associates Degrees in Graphic Design, and Interior Design.
Since then, I have achieved all of my life goals such as being an Art Director of nationally distributed magazines and having my covers displayed all over the world. Seeing my work framed in Bologna, Italy, was unbelievable!
Being the Production Manager and Art Director for over 20 magazine titles, owning several online and brick-and-mortar businesses, freelancing, consulting, owning commercial real estate and creating and operating a wine bar - life has not been dull. Not to mention raising two kids, two dogs, a cat, and a husband. ;)
My family and I escaped the over-crowded and stressful life in Southern California and relocated to Eagle, Colorado, in 2016. On top of graphic design freelancing, I helped form the Downtown Alliance nonprofit which led to the creation of our Downtown Development Authority special district. Bringing vitality to our cute downtown has quickly become a passion of mine. A single person can accomplish a lot in a small town!
Life is filled with adventure and is incredibly inspiring. I'm always up for a new one. Let me know if you want to chat about your next adventure!
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